The GM Heritage Center Celebrates Automotive Past, Present and Future

For GM enthusiasts, there is nothing like the feeling of being surrounded by GM history in the form of some of its most iconic, classic and unique vehicles. From the beginning of GM to today, the GM Heritage Center boasts a collection of classic vehicles and those destined to be classics. For some visitors to the GM Heritage Center, it is a celebration of the automobile’s impressive history, for others it could be memories of family and friends, or for many, just getting to see a vehicle you have always admired from afar, or only read about, up close up and personal. Whatever you see, the GM North American Heritage Center is a place to reminisce, remember and get a revealing look at the past, present and future of GM vehicles.

GM yesterday, today and tomorrow

General Motors understands that in order to inspire future automobile lovers, you have to catch their eye and evoke their imagination. Where better than at the 15,000 square foot GM Heritage Center in Southeast Michigan, where many iconic and concept GM vehicles of the past, present and future have been put on display to awe, amaze and educate. “It is not simply a space for the company to celebrate the successes we have had in the past,” Greg Wallace, founder and curator of the Heritage Center, said in a statement, “but also a place where tomorrow’s history is inspired today.” Originally, the Heritage Center was an initiative launched to prevent Cadillac vehicles from being “thrown out like trash” when the Detroit Cadillac plant was closed in 1986. Since then the collection has grown so large that the Center has had to relocate three times before finally finding its current home in 2005. The collection contains on any given day about 600 cars and trucks, however, throughout the year at least 1,500 vehicles make their way to the showroom floor. With this many vehicles coming and going it is obvious to say that the displays change quite frequently, usually to highlight vehicles from GM’s past that reflect the trends of today.

Dallas’s own Gas Monkey Garage pays a visit to GM

For those of you who are automotive enthusiasts, you may be familiar with Gas Monkey Garage, which is featured weekly on a show called “Fast N’ Loud” on the Discovery Channel. The owner of the Dallas, Texas based automotive customization and restoration shop, Richard Rawlings, paid a visit to the GM Heritage Center on one of its recent episodes. While Rawlings bought the opportunity to build his own COPO Camaro, he took the opportunity to visit the GM Heritage Center and give viewers the opportunity to see some of the vehicles on display as well as some of the special vehicles that are not usually on display. Rawlings had the opportunity to see a one of a kind convertible COPO Camaro that had previously never been seen by the public and is a permanent part of the collection. For more information about the GM Heritage Center, please visit them online at

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