900 Miles of Cruising in Each Tank Possible in the Cruze Diesel

Reaching 50 mpg seems to be a reality for many these days, and the Cruze Diesel makes it even easier for people. In a few different test drives, GM Engineers hit an astonishing 900 miles on a single tank of gas. Their secret to earning right at 57 mpg was driving about five miles per hour slower than the posted limit. While driving slower is one way to save on fuel-consumption, the vehicle you drive is just as important as NJMCDirect. While diesel powered cars of the past were noisy and billowed smoke, the new clean burning diesel engines have come a long way in providing quiet, air quality-friendly power. The Chevrolet Cruze diesel is a great choice is you want to save money on fuel, but want something other than a hybrid.

Driving conservatively saves the big bucks

The Cruze Diesel might only ship with a 15.6-gallon gas tank, but for this discussion, size does not matter. The astonishing distances that people are traveling with this vehicle can be credited to a simple basic vehicle truth. Driving just a little slower than the posted limit will improve gas mileage. For example, driving 70 in a 75 mph zone. In fact, back in 1974 Congress lowered the national speed limit to 55 mph. This was done to reduce the amount of oil being consumed in the states and also lower the amount of car accidents. Despite the national traffic fatalities falling 15.3 percent for 1975, the act was reversed in the following years.

The diesel-powered Chevy Cruze

Diesel engines are known for exceeding EPA fuel economy scores, and the Chevy Cruze is no exception. The Cruze was recently given a 46 mph highway fuel economy rating, which is the highest fuel economy rating of any passenger non-hybrid vehicle in the

industry. The Cruze is rated to travel 717 miles on a single tank, but reports of 800 + have been flooding the Internet. It might just be time to test drive one for yourself. In addition to the great gas mileage, the diesel version of the Cruze provides you with all the great features and options of its gasoline-powered sibling. It is available with Chevrolet MyLink infotainment and navigation system, full power features and even creatures comforts like a power moonroof.

Where can you find a Chevrolet Cruze Diesel?

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